Book Review mentioning the Christian aspect of Space Ranger Fred

This is one of the first Book Reviews to mention the Christian message contained in the story.

Reviewed by Joyce McPherson for Readers’ Favorite


Space Ranger Fred and the Umbrella Rescue by Matthew Newnham is a delightful early chapter book about Fred, who is almost seven years old. He is enlisted to help Zando Centauri, the space ranger from his favorite comic book. Fred has already earned the title “Space Ranger” in an earlier adventure. On this particular rainy day, Zando appears and whisks Fred away to a birthday party for the daughter of King Gandori, whom Fred has helped earlier.


Unfortunately, their spacecraft needs refueling, and during this delay they encounter an alien Quantaxian who needs help. The alien is a rough-looking creature with tattoos, and he has been stranded for three weeks because no one would help him. Zando is wary of him, but Fred insists that they help. In the end, Fred saves King Gandori once again when he arrives with the alien who is shipping PFLS’s which are exactly what the king needs to save the princess’s rainy party from ruin. If you would like to know what a PFLS is, you will have to read the book for yourself!


Newnham incorporates many fun details like Jupiter, Fred’s stinky dog, and Zando Centuri’s embarrassment when he discovers that the PFLS has already been invented on earth. The best part of the tale is the way Newnham incorporates the lesson of the Good Samaritan in an imaginative space story. The simple illustrations and text may even inspire young space rangers to take up their pens and create their own stories. I recommend Space Ranger Fred and the Umbrella Rescue for early readers, reluctant readers, and wanna-be space rangers. An endearing early chapter book about space heroes, aliens, and helping others.

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5 Star Book Review

Book Review

Reviewed by Rosie Malezer for Readers’ Favorite

Space Ranger Fred and the Umbrella Rescue is a children’s book written and illustrated by Matt Newnham. Six-year-old Fred Sanders is the youngest Space Ranger in the universe. As he looks out from his bedroom window into the pouring rain, Fred smiles as he remembers his most recent awesome adventure in which he had assisted one of his favorite Space Rangers, Zando Centauri. Looking down at his dog, Jupiter, sleeping on his bed, Fred feels the familiar shudder of Zando’s space rocket as it enters the Earth’s atmosphere. Quickly pulling on his Space Ranger suit, Fred watches as Zando disembarks from the space rocket, carrying an umbrella. Fred is invited to a special surprise birthday party for Emperor Gandori’s daughter. On their way to the party, Fred and Zando perform an unexpected rescue, which not only results in a surprise extra guest, but also saves the party from an unforeseen disaster.

The excitement and humor which carried throughout Matt Newnham’s adventurous children’s book was an absolute delight, as were the illustrations which were so bright and colorful. I could not help but laugh out loud at some of the weird and wonderful names which Zando Centauri came up with for everyday devices used on Earth, such as umbrellas, windshield wipers and buckets. Whether or not the adventure was real or imagined by the child, the fable-like story line was quite heartwarming. Refusing to rescue somebody because they might possibly be from a part of space where people were not popular is typical of stereotyping and racial profiling. It reminded me of a story which I’d heard as a child, titled The Good Samaritan, when it was pointed out that everybody needs help, even if they are a stranger to us. Kindness and common sense prevailed, both of which reaped their own rewards. Whilst Space Ranger Fred and the Umbrella Rescue is an adventure book filled with imagination, it equally carries vital lessons in life about being selfless, helping others, and not judging a book by its cover. I wholeheartedly enjoyed Matt Newnham’s space antics and recommend this book to be read at story time to children aged 4-7 years of age, or as a read-it-yourself book for early readers.

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Shoelaces tied… thanks to my book!

BOOK REVIEW: Space Ranger Fred and the Shoelace Adventure, by Matthew Newnham

Is your child learning how to tie their shoelaces? Then this might be a delightful little treat for them.
Space Ranger Fred is a little boy called on to help the famous Zando Centauri on a vitally important mission – to help Emperor Gandori. The problem? The people on Gandori’s planet have never used shoelaces, and he has a new pair of shoes with them that he needs to learn how to tie! Fred to the rescue!
This is a fun read – though perhaps a little long for younger readers to enjoy at a single bedtime reading, but with six chapters it makes a great read at a chapter a night across a week.
My stepson, Dylan, who is six, enjoyed it in two sittings, even though it had to contend with his favourites such as If I Ran The Zoo and The Dinosaur That Pooped A Planet. He didn’t quite engage with the first two chapters, but once the mission he was under way, he loved it. His review is in the video below.
Will Fred complete his mission and get back home to his pet dog, Jupiter? Read and find out!
And the bonus? Dylan tied his first shoelace by following the instructions in the book. Result!

Read the full review here

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5 Star Review for Space Ranger Fred and the Shoelace Adventure

5sbFor what it is worth, I enjoyed the story immensely. There is something about a children’s tale, with all its purity and innocence, that makes for a refreshing take from the works meant for adults. And this particular work contains that singlemost desired trait in all children’s literature:

It was written for children to encourage them to read, and it managed to convince me that the author meant exactly this – no strings attached. It was written foremost with the author’s own children in mind (as I am led to believe from the dedication page), and the injection of hope in so very few words and in such a simplified form positively bursts at the seams with what could only have been every loving emotion mined from the depths of the author’s heart. I hesitate to call it love, for love for one’s children is broad and universal. What I will call it is soul. And this story has plenty of it, more than enough to spare and share. Read More…

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5 Star Review for Space Ranger Fred

5sbHow many of us feel that we don’t have much going for us? Sure, we are masters of completing mundane tasks, such as tying our shoelaces, but can we save a planet? Or a universe?

What if a king, an emperor, an experienced and gifted leader, actually needed our small talent to save the day? Wouldn’t we feel like a lot more than just two cents?

Read more…

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A simple review is all it takes – have you reviewed Fred yet?

for promorevSpace Ranger Fred has received another positive review. This time on Goodreads (duplicated on Amazon) and every review helps, even if it just reads “I liked it”

This is the latest review, there are another 5 reviewers reading Space Ranger Fred and the Shoelace Adventure as I write this post. Have you read Space Ranger Fred?  Did you enjoy it?  Have you written a review on Amazon?

Reviews are like income for an author, the more reviews their are the higher up the Amazon ranking the book will climb. 50 Reviews is something that Amazon notice, so if you have read it why not help get the book noticed?

You can get the book on eBook for just 99c on and 99p on


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