5 Star Review for Space Ranger Fred and the Shoelace Adventure

5sbFor what it is worth, I enjoyed the story immensely. There is something about a children’s tale, with all its purity and innocence, that makes for a refreshing take from the works meant for adults. And this particular work contains that singlemost desired trait in all children’s literature:

It was written for children to encourage them to read, and it managed to convince me that the author meant exactly this – no strings attached. It was written foremost with the author’s own children in mind (as I am led to believe from the dedication page), and the injection of hope in so very few words and in such a simplified form positively bursts at the seams with what could only have been every loving emotion mined from the depths of the author’s heart. I hesitate to call it love, for love for one’s children is broad and universal. What I will call it is soul. And this story has plenty of it, more than enough to spare and share. Read More…

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5 Star Review for Space Ranger Fred

5sbHow many of us feel that we don’t have much going for us? Sure, we are masters of completing mundane tasks, such as tying our shoelaces, but can we save a planet? Or a universe?

What if a king, an emperor, an experienced and gifted leader, actually needed our small talent to save the day? Wouldn’t we feel like a lot more than just two cents?

Read more…

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A simple review is all it takes – have you reviewed Fred yet?

for promorevSpace Ranger Fred has received another positive review. This time on Goodreads (duplicated on Amazon) and every review helps, even if it just reads “I liked it”

This is the latest review, there are another 5 reviewers reading Space Ranger Fred and the Shoelace Adventure as I write this post. Have you read Space Ranger Fred?  Did you enjoy it?  Have you written a review on Amazon?

Reviews are like income for an author, the more reviews their are the higher up the Amazon ranking the book will climb. 50 Reviews is something that Amazon notice, so if you have read it why not help get the book noticed?

You can get the book on eBook for just 99c on Amazon.com and 99p on Amazon.co.uk


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World Book Day – Win one of 5 signed copies of Space Ranger Fred

world-book-dayIt’s World Book Day on 23rd April 2016, a day where every author should be celebrated and every author should encourage someone to pick up a copy of a book and read.  Literacy is important and that means books are important and so are those who write them. Let’s get people reading…


Fotor011481311There are 5 signed copies of “Space Ranger Fred and the Shoelace Adventure”  up for grabs for 5 lucky winners.

To win simply visit Space Ranger Fred on Facebook – like the page and share it using #SpaceRangerFred




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New book : Space Ranger Fred Available in eBook and Print

New book
Space Ranger Fred new book
Buy now

So, it is finally here. Yes my New book is ready. My very first adventure is ready for you to read.  Wow this is exciting. Space Ranger Fred and the Shoelace Adventure – I know you will love it!

In my new book about my very first adventure you will read how I helped save the day and showed an old emperor how to tie his shoelaces. You will discover what a Jamborian Hare is and you will learn that by being kind and having patience that life will always be happy.

The book has already had some wonderful reviews and that means people like what they are reading.

“My son is almost 5 years old and he is at a stage where he absolutely loves the galaxy, astronauts, and aliens. We spent nearly a week reading this story together around bedtime and he loved it! The writing is easy for him to understand, and the story is engaging. Sometimes, when reading stories as a parent, the story becomes trivial and boring. Not with Fred! I wasn’t able to guess the next sequence of events and my son loved how into the story I was as well.” – Verified Amazon Buyer

“This delightful space adventure story is perfect for school aged boys and girls. I was impressed with how clever and well written this story is. One can feel the excitement mount when Zando arrives and meets Fred. As a reader, I found this book hard to put down. I was left on the edge of my seat, eager to find out what would happen next.”  Lucinda Weeks – Readers Favourite

This is just the start of my adventures, My next adventures will soon be ready to for you to read, to keep in touch like my facebook page

Well, for now I hope you enjoy my new book you can buy it on Amazon, Smashwords and Barnes and Noble

I will have some more exciting news early next week

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