Blast Fred into orbit with crowdfunding


So it is happening…  Space Ranger Fred and the Shoelace Adventure has proven it can work and now it is time to get serious…. really serious!

A crowdfunding campaign has been started with the intention of raising $15,000 to get the Space Ranger Fred series of books on bookshelves of real bookshops all over the world.

The smiles and laughter from kids as they read Space Ranger Fred and the Shoelace Adventure or as I or someone else reads it to them are so special and more stories, more adventures have been demanded.  The crowdfunding campaign will also answer the question I dread most “where can I buy your book?”

Thanks to some solid support from friends and finding someone who can promote and distribute the books professionally a crowdfunding campaign makes absolute sense.

To take part is easy and there are 3 things anyone can do:


  1.  Donate and support –
  2. Share the campaign on Social Medial –
  3. Tell your friends who are not on social media

This is your chance to be part of my books, for one lucky supporter there is even a chance to turn yourself or your child into a character in one of the books.

Your support in this crazy adventure is very much appreciated and I cannot wait to see the Space Ranger Fred books in stores all over the world – imagine what it will look like in Chinese?



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