5 Star Review for Space Ranger Fred and the Shoelace Adventure

5sbFor what it is worth, I enjoyed the story immensely. There is something about a children’s tale, with all its purity and innocence, that makes for a refreshing take from the works meant for adults. And this particular work contains that singlemost desired trait in all children’s literature:

It was written for children to encourage them to read, and it managed to convince me that the author meant exactly this – no strings attached. It was written foremost with the author’s own children in mind (as I am led to believe from the dedication page), and the injection of hope in so very few words and in such a simplified form positively bursts at the seams with what could only have been every loving emotion mined from the depths of the author’s heart. I hesitate to call it love, for love for one’s children is broad and universal. What I will call it is soul. And this story has plenty of it, more than enough to spare and share. Read More…

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5 Star Review for Space Ranger Fred

5sbHow many of us feel that we don’t have much going for us? Sure, we are masters of completing mundane tasks, such as tying our shoelaces, but can we save a planet? Or a universe?

What if a king, an emperor, an experienced and gifted leader, actually needed our small talent to save the day? Wouldn’t we feel like a lot more than just two cents?

Read more…

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A simple review is all it takes – have you reviewed Fred yet?

for promorevSpace Ranger Fred has received another positive review. This time on Goodreads (duplicated on Amazon) and every review helps, even if it just reads “I liked it”

This is the latest review, there are another 5 reviewers reading Space Ranger Fred and the Shoelace Adventure as I write this post. Have you read Space Ranger Fred?  Did you enjoy it?  Have you written a review on Amazon?

Reviews are like income for an author, the more reviews their are the higher up the Amazon ranking the book will climb. 50 Reviews is something that Amazon notice, so if you have read it why not help get the book noticed?

You can get the book on eBook for just 99c on Amazon.com and 99p on Amazon.co.uk


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Space Ranger Fred and the Umbrella Rescue

fredalone crop1When a cargo ship crashes on one of Saturn’s moons Space Ranger Fred and Zando Centauri come to the rescue.

In one sentence this sums up the next Space Ranger Fred book. With the same characters from Space Ranger Fred and the Shoelace Adventure the book is just as much fun and has a powerful moral message.  Doing the right thing when others won’t, can’t or don’t is what Space Ranger Fred and the Umbrella Rescue teaches and the fun book makes it an easy lesson to teach and learn.

Space Ranger Fred and the Umbrella Rescue is due for release in early August 2016 and will followed shortly after by Space Ranger Fred and the Tick Tock Tale in September.

If you have not read the first book, Space Ranger Fred and the Shoelace Adventure get your copy today and you will be eager to get your hands on the next book in this fun series.


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Space Ranger Fred and a Charity Book Drive

On 30th April Matt Newnham and Space Ranger Fred supported Tygerberg Book Angel’s 4 kids and donated copies of Space Ranger Fred and the Shoelace Adventure to be used on Book Trolleys in Tygerberg Children’s Hospital, Cape Town.

Getting Children to read is one huge part of the Space Ranger Fred series of books but if the book can help a sick child then another thing altogether has been achieved. Giving books to those in need is so much a part of writing the books.

To find out more about Tygerberg Book Angel’s 4 kids visit their facebook page

To find out more about Space Ranger Fred and where to get the books contact the author
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Space Ranger Fred: On the Launch Pad

From the log of Zando Centauri:

On Friday the 27th Day of November Earth Year 2015 the very first journal detailing an adventure I had with Space Ranger Fred was certified ready for publication. The journal, or as people from earth call it “Book” has been edited professionally by a team from eprintedbooks.com and has illustrated coverage of the adventure included will be available initially in eBook format and then soon after in hardcopy for purchase.

Space Ranger FredThe book has been given the title “Space Ranger Fred and the Shoe Lace Adventure” and is a complete copy of the mission during which Space Ranger Fred taught the Emperor Gandori from the purple and yellow planet Jambori how to tie his shoe laces. Space Ranger Fred used his recently acquired ability to tie shoe laces to help an aging Emperor and save the planet from certain disaster.

If you wish to read the summary of this adventure copies of the book will be available soon.

Space Ranger Fred wishes to inform the people of planet Earth that his is also on a mission to help children in South Africa learn to read. He is putting in motion a plan with crowdfunding to distribute at least 1 copy of the book to each and every primary school and public library in South Africa. The mission will require 25,000 books to be supplied and the mission will begin in January 2016 with support options available from 10 of your Earth Dollars.

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Support Space Ranger Fred and Get Him into Orbit

This is the home page of Space Ranger Fred.

Space Ranger Fred is the youngest Space Ranger in the universe and with his hero Zando Centauri he helps planets and their people with their day to day problems as only a young boy can.

Fred is soon to be published and his crowdfunding campaign will be ready soon. In the meantime you can get you hands on one of the first copies of the book (delivery March 2016) for a donation of $150 or more – Fred needs to sell 4 of these signed copies to kick off the campaign.


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