5 Star Review for Space Ranger Fred and the Shoelace Adventure

5sbFor what it is worth, I enjoyed the story immensely. There is something about a children’s tale, with all its purity and innocence, that makes for a refreshing take from the works meant for adults. And this particular work contains that singlemost desired trait in all children’s literature:

It was written for children to encourage them to read, and it managed to convince me that the author meant exactly this – no strings attached. It was written foremost with the author’s own children in mind (as I am led to believe from the dedication page), and the injection of hope in so very few words and in such a simplified form positively bursts at the seams with what could only have been every loving emotion mined from the depths of the author’s heart. I hesitate to call it love, for love for one’s children is broad and universal. What I will call it is soul. And this story has plenty of it, more than enough to spare and share. Read More…

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